Why Lost in Venice

Because in Venice, whichever destination you decide to reach, you are bound to get lost in a tangle of streets that invite you to follow them to the end, flattering and deceiving you.

Lost in Venice Cappelleria appears as a mirage, halfway between dream and reality, the prize for having accepted the invitation to get lost.

About us

In our store, waiting for you, you will find Fabio and Samuel, two friends who have been working together for over 20 years and have bet on the quality of the product for their business, choosing to offer their customers the thrill of dressing their heads exclusively with the style and unmistakable quality of products made in Italy.

"Venezia; beltà lusingatrice e ambigua,

  racconto di fate e insieme trappola per i forestieri"

Thomas Mann

The quality of Made in Italy

Made in Italy means a guarantee of original production, of quality products: from design to the choice of raw materials, from manufacturing to sales.

Besides  being an indication of origin, quality and uniqueness of our artisanal and industrial products, the expression ‘Made in Italy’ embodies the essence of Italian style, able to be inspired by the history and art that make this Country unique in the world.

Fashion on your head

Lost in Venice Cappelleria offers a careful selection of the best Made in Italy hat brands, with particular attention to products that are the expression of excellence of Italian craftsmanship and design.